The Portmore City Municipality 2019/2020 Junior Mayor is Malique Robinson-Porter

The Portmore City Municipality has selected Malique Robinson-Porter from the Kensington Primary School as the 2019/2020 Junior Mayor. The Junior Council is one of the various activities held in commemoration of Local Government Month. This year’s theme is “Building Resilience through Local Governance”. To select the Junior Mayor, the Portmore City Municipality hosted a Junior Council presentation where nominated students from 12 schools came to vie for the positions of Junior Mayor, Deputy Mayor and the Chief Executive Officer.
After scores of riveting presentations, Malique took the title of the Junior Mayor, Moresha Ellis from the Greater Portmore High School awarded the Deputy Mayor position and Rashah Gibbore from Kensington Primary, the Chief Executive Officer. The remaining contestants were selected to serve as Junior Councillors and administrative members of Junior Council.
All three will lead the Junior Council in their 2019/2020 project funded primarily by the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development.

We look forward to great things from them.