Compliance & Enforcement Department

Compliance and Enforcement Department
The Compliance and Enforcement Department has the responsibility to monitor and ensure that the relevant laws some of which are listed below are complied with:
The Town and Country Planning Act
The Town Nuisances Prevention Act
The Parochial Roads Act
The Licences on Trades and Business Act
National Solid Waste Management Act
The Sale of Goods Act
The Advertisements Regulation Act
The Noise Abatement Act
The Parish Councils Building Act
The Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management Act
The Public Health Act (Barbers and Hairdressers Regulations 2004)
The Beach Control Act
The Parish Councils (Sale of Goods in Public Places) Regulations, 2004 St Catherine. 
The Enforcement Team has fifteen members, a Manager, a Secretary, two Municipal Police Supervisors, and eleven Municipal Police.
The main objectives of the department are as follows:
To increase the enforcement of codes and regulations pertaining to building and development approvals by fifty percent (50%) for the planning period (2008 - 2011).
Increase enforcement of codes and regulations with respect to change of use of residential and commercial districts by sixty percent (60%) for the planning period (2008 - 2011).
Increase notices served for breaches by 5% per annum.
Increase property tax compliance by 30%.
To remove illegal outdoor advertising and derelict vehicles. 
On a daily basis the Officers process licences for Barbers, Beauty Therapists and Hairdressers operating within the Municipality; conduct surveillance to ensure compliance with the relevant laws; conduct checks for property tax and trade licence compliance and address complaints made by residents.
Building Breaches / Commercial Activity in Residential Area under The Town and Country Planning Act
Persons found in breach of the law are usually given a “warning letter “ to cease and desist the illegal activity and submit the relevant plans to the Council for approval. If this is not adhered to then Stop and Enforcement Notices are issued under the Town and Country Planning Act. Failing to comply with these Notices Court proceedings are initiated against the offenders.
Municipal Court is held every Fifth Thursday of every month at the Greater Portmore Resident Magistrate Court, 5 West, Greater Portmore.
Illegal Vending
      Persons vending illegally on the road reservation or in public places are given      
      notices to desist, failing which their goods are confiscated and disposed of in
      accordance with the Parish Councils (Sale of Goods in Public Places)
      Regulations, 2004 St Catherine.

A Trade Licence is a licence required by law for any person carrying on a trade or business (retailer or wholesaler). It is applicable to anyone who is in the business of selling goods, not providing services.
Requirements for Trade Licence application:
For Individuals and persons operating partnerships need to have the following:
TRN number
NIS Number
Government-issued identification (Driver’s licence, Voter’s ID, Passport)
For Companies a representative should present the following:
Company TRN
Company NIS
Articles of Association
Memorandum of Association
Applications are made at all Inland Revenue Departments / Collectorates.
Let’s Clean up Portmore!
The Compliance and Enforcement Department are empowered to issue tickets and clean up notices under the National Solid Waste Management Act. Clean-up notices serve as a warning for persons to remove any solid waste within a specific time. The ticket is issued to persons who have either failed to comply with the clean-up notice or the breach is of such that warrants it being issued. Tickets can be paid at the Head Office of The NSWM Authority at 61 Half Way Tree Rd or regional offices at Ocho Rios, Mandeville, or Montego Bay. Failing to pay the ticket offenders must attend court on the date specified on the ticket.   
Animal Control
The Council is currently without an Animal Pound however, animals are impounded by the KSAC on our request.