Community & Public Relations Department

The Portmore Municipal Council Public Relations Department is one of the most important facilities within the organization. This Department is responsible for executing public education campaigns and advertising programmes aimed at promoting a better understanding of the Government’s policies and programmes. This department can be referred to as the “face” of the Portmore Municipal Council; it is strategically positioned to drive output of all the other departments.

What do we do?
The Public Relations Department acts as the “middle man” between all external and internal contact for clients and prospective clients of the Portmore Municipal Council. The department provides a variety of communications services including

  • Developing and executing strategic PR campaigns/programmes
  • Providing strategic PR advice and consultation services to various Ministries, Departments and Agencies
  • scripting and producing electronic and print advertisements and Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
  • Writing news/ Press releases and features
  • Generating information from Ministries, Departments and Agencies of government, to guide production within the organization
  • Coordinating tailored media/public awareness packages/programmes to meet clients’ needs
  • Organizing and hosting sessions to generate publicity about special programmes/policies
  • Planning and executing special events including civic functions public education awareness Sessions, community meeting among others.

The Public Relations Department facilitates the execution of a variety communications services that are provided by other departments to all internal and external Customers. One of the main objective is to Develop the Council’ website and update our Social Media always keeping the public abreast of the activities within the municipality.

The public relations Department provides sound consultation in Public Relations and Communications services to Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government and non-core clients including Non-Government Organizations and international agencies; while maintaining our focus of gathering and disseminating information on Government policies. Our vision is to make Portmore a world class city with harmonious prosperous communities, exploring new frontiers of governance and ensuring a sustainable socio-economic environment.