Disaster Management Department

Disaster Management
The Portmore Municipal Council coordinates disaster preparedness and response efforts in conjunction with the ODPEM, other government agencies, businesses, volunteer agencies such as the Red Cross, and civic groups including citizen’s associations.
If there is a pending disaster, the Portmore Municipal Council decides which shelters, if any, will be activated. Once they are activated, shelter managers play a crucial role in our Municipality’s disaster response efforts.
Public Education
The geographical location of Portmore, which is a long the southern coast of Jamaica, on the Rio Cobre flood plain and on reclaimed land, makes it vulnerable to a number of hazards, therefore public education is one of the most important strategies in the disaster preparedness process. Information has been disseminated to the public in the form of:

  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Exhibition
  • Symposium and Information Fair
  • Presentations at schools, churches, citizen’s association
  • Simulation exercise
  • Training: Shelter Management Training, Emergency Operation Training,  Initial Damage Assessment 

Availability of Resources
The Disaster Unit ensures that all resources necessary in case of a disaster or an emergency are available and readily accessible by examining existing facilities, equipment and supplies and makes formal arrangement to secure their release from the Government, Private and Voluntary Agencies concerned.
We also develop and implements appropriate systems and procedures that will ensure effective control of the distribution of items and supplies sent to Portmore by ODPEM.