Portmore Mall Transportation Center is Now Open

Now Open - Portmore Mall Transportation Center for Taxi Operators
PORTMORE, December 24:

The Portmore City Municipality recently opened a Transportation Center for the Portmore Mall Taxi Operators.  
“For years this Portmore Mall area has been congested, due to the overflow of taxi terminated along the roadway. Over 200 licenses have been given to taxi operators to terminate at the mall with no designated parking for these operators.” Mayor Leon Thomas stated.
He further stated that “after much deliberation, we have decided to use this land given to us by the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) to create the now Taxi Transportation Center. Now customers will have easy access, the taxi operators a space of their own for a small fee of one hundred and fifty dollars for the day”.
The transportation center which is located beside the MacMaster Shopping Center currently has two security posts, bathroom facilities, and will service the taxi operators who usually terminate in the Portmore Mall area. It is expected that this transportation center will ease traffic congestion at the Portmore Mall. 
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