The earthen drain along Germaine Road in Portmore is owned by the Municipality of Portmore...
After submission of the subdivision application for Westmeade Willows by the Housing Agency of Jamaica in 2010, the Council presented its concerns and  highlighted the inadequacy of the drain for such a development.
The HAJ later wrote to the Council in October 2012 advising; “With regard to bushing and maintenance of the drain to the east of the development, our previous letter dated April 19, 2011 refers”.  “We will be responsible for dealing with bushing and maintenance of the drain before handover and will institute the appropriate arrangements”.   
Said conditions were agreed to in February 2013.  This was formalized in the conditions of approval for the Westmeade Willows Housing Subdivision, which was accepted and signed in agreement by the HAJ in August 2017.
The responsibility for maintenance of the drain to the east of the development therefore clearly lies with the Housing Agency of Jamaica.
The Council in recognizing the eminent danger to residents, property and surrounding environs posed by the unmaintained drain presented an estimate of J$2.5 Million to the Housing Agency of Jamaica based on their request, to clean the drain.  The HAJ to date has only obliged the sum of Six Hundred Thousand Dollars(J$600,000.00).
On Tuesday November 21, 2017, rain pelted the island and the earthen drain could withstand no more.  By Wednesday, November 22, 2017 many homes in Westmeade Willows were flooded.
The residents of this Municipality must be given the opportunity to live comfortably in homes they have paid huge amounts for and as such on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 the Council along with the assistance of the National Works Agency cleared the blockage of the drain east of Westmeade Willows not withstanding where the responsibility lies.
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