Engineering Department

Portmore City Municipality
Engineering Department
The Staff of the Engineering Department

  • Everton Ricketts – Municipal Engineer (Acting)
  • Ms. Nicola Brown – Department Secretary
  • Anthony Wilson – Project Officer
  • Fitz-roy Salmon- Project Officer
  • Javier Williams – Project Officer
  • K. Mason- Building Officer
  • Randy Forrester - Building Officer

Duties of the Road & Works Department

  • Directly responsible for the infrastructures within the Municipality
  • Detailed assessment of building plan applications for approval
  • Also responsible for the assets of the Council:- motor vehicle and equipment. 

Functions of the Technical Services

  • Present reports to the Council on matters relating to works, repairs & alterations required to roads, and buildings in the Municipality.
  • Responsible for all expenditures in connection with the Road & Works Department
  • Designing and preparing plans, specifications, and estimates in relation to all work such as roads, bridges, river training, drainage, and all other works being undertaken by the Council. 

PROCEDURES for Standard Work Programs

  • How to submit a Work Program.
    • Forms may be found in the Councilor’s Dip or requested from the Road & Works Department.
    • Councilors are required to complete the program, i.e. to recommend a scope of works, name of contractor/labourers.
    • The program must be submitted to the Administrative Manager first for approval of funds expenditure.
    • Then presented to the Municipal Engineer’s Office for assessment, valuation, and approval before work may commence (proposed work is inspected for costing).
    • Inspection for completed work is taken up no later than the Wednesday before the close of the fortnight.
    • Payments are made fortnightly.

PROCEDURES for Tendering
How to submit a work Program for tender.

  • Councilors are required to complete a work program form to formally request a scope of works.
  • The program is then presented to the Municipal Engineer’s Office for assessment, valuation, and approval before work may commence. (proposed work is inspected for costing)
  • If the engineer makes an assessment and prepares an estimate whose value exceeds $120,000 a minimum of 3 quotes must be attained from eligible contractors (registered companies with valid T.C.C. and N.C.C.)
  • If the proposed contract value exceeds $250,000, but less than $4 mil., it must be tendered through the Road and Works Department.
  • NBA successful bid may be awarded within 4 weeks, if the project is practical for contractors, sufficient bids are submitted, legal requirements are met, and the tender committee held for the opening, recording, and debating. 

Influencing Factors of flooding

  • Broken NWC lines. 
  • Blocked inlets/outlets.
  • Altered drain inverts. 
  • Overgrown vegetation.