Climate Change Competition

The Portmore Municipal Council in partnership with the City of Hagen, Germany is currently embarking on a Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation project. subsequent One component of the project is a student exchange internship programme, being undertaken by both cities under the Global Engagement Climate Change Programme, 50 cities by 2015 of which the Municipality of Portmore and the City of Hagen, have been twinned since 2012.

Several important activities have been completed or are underway at this time. One such activity that is currently being planned is a Climate Change School Competition.

The Climate Change School competition was to be held on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 under the theme, “Climate Change: Action is the best Option”. The aim of this event is to enhance the school community awareness about Climate Change and what one can do to adapt.

We were honored to have had the students and their teachers and the various representatives from various partnering organizations. we certainly learnt a lot of Climate Change Adaption strategies at the school competition. We look forward to doing more educational seminars such as this in the near future. Our Municipality is Our Responsibility.. Action is certainly the best option

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