Change Of Use

1. a) One (1) copy of the subdivision approval, where necessary, showing the location of land within
the subdivision.
b) One (1) copy of the approved building plan, where there has been an addition to the original
c) Petition from residents to support the venture (name, lot number and signature)
a) Written details on the use contemplated and any other additional information available
b) Landuse information 100 feet north, south, east and west of the site.
e) Boundaries of land, setbacks, road reservation and roadway.
d) Planning information (e.g. habitable rooms, number of units, floor space,
ground cover, dimensions of parking lots)
c) Size of land
b) Parking layout
a) Circulatory system including ingress/ egress
I. A site layout plan at an appropriate scale showing the disposition of the building(s) on the
land together with:
3. Four (4) copies of:
III. Landscaping plans showing the exact location of existing and proposed vegetation.
Change of Use Application Checklist
This application is required if the new use was substantially different from the old or there is a change in the
degree of existing use (Section 5, TCPA, 1957).
II. Fully detailed drawings illustrating:
a) The external appearance of the building(s)
b ) Plot boundaries
c) Floor plans showing the existing and proposed layout and use
d ) Plans illustrating any other operational development contemplated
e) Sewage disposal system
f) Building lines
g) Drainage
h) Parking (if necessary)
4. Written Description:
For more information please call the Portmore Municipal Council at 740-7440-2
*Note that all plans must be stamped by a registered Architect or Engineer
Revised May 2016
Application Fees a. Where alteration or reconstruction of buildings or structures is required:-
full building fee + the cost of two (2) inspections
b. Where no alteration or reconstruction of buildings or structures is required:-
25% of the building fee + the cost of two (2) inspections
Building Fee for Change of Use: $300.00 times the area of the addition made to the building (sq. m.)
Inspection cost (1): $1000.00
2. Four (4) copies of location plans at a scale of 12,500 or 1:12,500.
Two copies of the development application form (same as the building application form), with required
documents and the following are required: