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Tuesday, Mar 14, 2017

The Municipality of Portmore would like to remind its residents that building extensions and or projects should NOT be done without prior approval from the Municipality of Portmore. Pictured below are a few do's and dont's as a gentle reminder. ...

  • Ongoing construction of the Municipal Building
  • Mayor of Portmore Leon Thomas answers questions at Kensington Primary
  • Mayor Leon Thomas addressing Greater Portmore Primary
  • Ground Breaking Ceremony for the New Municipal Buidling

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Thursday, Nov 23, 2017

The earthen drain along Germaine Road in Portmore is owned by the Municipality of Portmore...
After submission of the subdivision application for Westmeade Willows by the Housing Agency of Jamaica in 2010, the Council presented its concerns and ...

Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017

The Municipality was awarded the First Place Trophy for the map titled “Portmore’s Exposure to Storm Surge”. The map illustrated the possible impact of storm surge on landuse activities and critical facilities within the Municipality and hopes to influence...

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